If you have a website that open for registration, you may got alot email with subject “[your website] – New User Registration“, every time new user registered into your website. It may get annoying for some users. There is no setting in wordpress admin page to disable it, except to remove or change your email address. Ofcourse, it’s not the best solution.

Another case, by default WordPress always send users automated welcome email after registration, which contain username and password, in plain text. For some users that concern about security and privacy, receiving login details in plain text email is really bad.
This also will be a big problem if you are running a wordpress website on a server without sendmail support. There is no way user can register into your website, as they will never get their password sent to their email address. Only admin can add users manually on the backend.

Regnomail is a small plugin to customize your wordpress registration form. It disable sending email confirmation to user after registration and also disable email notification to admin each time user registered into your website.

And by disabling email confirmation to users, this mean users should put their own password on registration form. At Regnomail settings page, you can display the password, first and last name  input form to your registration form.
You can also replace default “WordPress” logo on login / registration page with your very own logo.


Regnomail Features

  • Disable email confirmation to user during registration
  • Disable new user email notification to admin
  • Disable user change password notification (lost password) to admin
  • Show password input form, so user can input their own password
  • Show First and Last name input form
  • Change login / registration logo image.




Get the plugin here (Yes, it’s FREE!):

Download Regnomail


Or get the latest development version on Github

Download from Github