It’s here!
Now with big updates.

Here’s changelog for this new version:

  • CHANGE: Komper url admin menu, now it have it’s own Menu
  • CHANGE: Product image now using WordPress Media Uploader
  • CHANGE: Compare form with Multiselect (Advance mode) now redesign to make it simple.
  • NEW: Option page for Plugin settings
  • NEW: Help page.
  • NEW: CSS Styles editor for product table
  • NEW: Output page editor.
  • NEW: Option to change Permalink URL name used for the output page.
  • NEW: Option to change Date Localization and format
  • NEW: Insert ads or banner into Product table
  • NEW: Insert Meta script into page header
  • NEW: Change Compare button form.
  • NEW: Display all products under selected category, with product image thumbnail or just list.
  • FIX: Insert other plugins shortcode inside product table.
  • FIX: Other bugs.



  1. New Komper Options Page
    There are many options available, like change permalink url name, insert Meta header, change the html of output result page, modify table css styles, and also availability to insert ads or banner inside product tables.
  2. Display All Product under selected category
    At before, displaying your products are only by selecting it from comparison form or displaying it one by one via shortcode.
    Now you can display list of all of your products under selected category. Display it with image thumbnails (like gallery), or just list of product names, where user also can select it and compare too.
  3. New Help Page
    If you need help with shortcode or plugin options, just see this page.

And since now we are using WordPress Media Uploader for uploading product images, it is recommended for you to re-upload your product images to make all image in  the same size.

Don’t forget to go to Komper Options page before using it, and save some options there.

If after updating your plugin into this version and your product images is not displaying correctly, please go to your Worpress Plugins page, deactivate Komper, and re-activate it again.
This should fix the problem.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems regarding this version.